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piss 7 years ago
Thats called drinking alot of water and pissing
Cyclops365 2 years ago
Y’all think piss. You need to experience it
Virgin 6 years ago
Who wants to take my virginity experienced woman or man
jackme 7 years ago
FAKE! That was so fake it hurt
betomaker 8 years ago
wow beautiful woman exelent masturbating
wow 9 years ago
Yeah, that was pretty good.
2 years ago
Wow. I would love to show her I could make her shoot about 25 feet. Love making em squirt till they shake!
jerking with u 6 years ago
feels awesome jerking with this hottie... increasing stroking speed with her...!!!!!wow making my orgasm also awesome!!!!!!!
Ugh... 6 years ago
Y'all though when a girl squirt it was just some clear stuff or water ?? No dickheads that's what it is, watered down piss , duhh
Fucking dirty bitch 7 years ago
Bitch you better clean that shit up that's all you got my ass nasty ass whore